Yuengling Brewery – New Brew House Expansion

The 16,000 SF addition to the existing Yuengling Tampa brewery includes all-new brewing equipment and operations that the building expansion was designed around. The new building is composed of steel framing with pre-cast panels and single-ply roofing on “doube-T” reinforced pre-cast concrete; there is some rooftop process equipment. The building structure was designed to support the 2-1/2 story Process Vessels and Equipment, and to allow for staged installation and possible future removal of the Vessels and associated equipment. There is a full process “basement”/ground-floor, the 2nd floor main brewery levels which are connected via a covered skywalk to the existing Brew House, and a process mezzanine that is like a small third floor. HHC coordinated the Building Design with the local Yuengling operators and their 3rd party Project Manager-Engineer, who also coordinated with the European Brewing Equipment designer and fabricators.

Watch a time lapse video of the Brewery Construction: