FTP Site Access

Copyright Read Me:

The electronic data located within the FTP site is copyrighted and confidential material which is provided to the recipient for coordination of its work efforts with Horton, Harley & Carter, Inc. (HHC). It shall not be copied or provided to any other parties for any use. This data is subject to change at the discretion of HHC and it is the responsibility of the recipient to request periodic updates. HHC assumes no responsibility for data generated from this transmission which is not illustrated on signed and sealed record documents.

By selecting the “Login” button you agree to the above terms.

In Internet Explorer, if it does not appear to login the first time (i.e. you do not see folders or files), right click and select “login as” and retype the login data. For Internet Explorer version 7, you need to select from the pull-down menu “page” and then “Open FTP site in Internet Explorer”